April the Angel

I wrote this as a thank you to a lady i met on the phone. It was the most delightful phone conversation about career prospects, changes and educational goals, and all though her company at the time could not help me, April herself had a bigger impact, just by being her effervescent self, igniting a flame of enthusiasm and ideas to flow. Enjoy and thank you April.


Quite some time ago i experienced a transformation just by being in a relationship with a certain type of person. This poem explains that. It is easy to forget who you are when you're having the life sucked out of you. Stand firm and be strong, you can overcome it. Oxox


A poem i wrote about digging deep within, to save yourself from yourself. Enjoy.

What is the F#@king point?

Hello, and welcome to my first official blog rant other than some poetry. Come in take a look and let me know what you think, i'm keen to hear from you! WARNING: does contain profanity.


A poem about what is on the surface is not what matters, underneath is what needs your attention, or suffer from the neglect. Enjoy.

Busy bee

I wrote this poem as a reminder to myself not to get to caught up in the cold and uncaring values that society, media, the news etc... has been depicting and teaching us to take on as our own. Enjoy.

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